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Index Sitemap for project emagician-org

Table of Contents

1 Topical Index

Why this exists, why the world needs another starter kit
A development Blog/Journal

1.1 Installing

Contains all the install instructions you need

1.2 Core Emagician


The Baseline emagician file. Does initial setup and defines a few functions to facilitate the loading of the rest of the starter kit.
Secondary base. It's turtles all the way down baybee. This provides a bunch of other helper functions.
Tertiary base. It's tertiary turtles all the way down baybee. This provides a bunch of helper functions in the development of the emagicians starter kit.

(It's turtles all the way down baybee)-🐢

1.3 The Actual Funk

Primary file containing all interface related functionality, including look and feel, editing commands, etc.
Code and customizations to help make me a better typer, writer, developer and person.

1.4 Mode Specifics

Making eshell RULE.
Org-mode customizations to make org-mode rule
Make Text-mode better
Generalized additions to programming modes

1.4.1 Programming modes

Sekrut Fucking Alien Technology.
(It's a living.)-🐦
Making Indra My Bitch!

1.5 OS customizations

I don't use this much, but the customization was too valuable to lose.
Minor customizations to make OS-X play nicer with everything.

1.6 Misc

My own customization file.

1.7 Assets

Yasnippets Snippets

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Author: Jonathan Arkell

Created: 2018-05-18 Fri 10:30