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1 Wax about Journal

To the tune of Deck the Halls:

Blah Blah Blah Blah Et Cetera.

2 2017

2.1 October

A New position brings new challenges.

3 2016

3.1 September

3.1.1 25th - Mise en place

mise-en-place-gary-stevens.jpg In cooking there is this concept of Mise en place―everything in it's place. I think that should be an option for me. Being able to launch a particular work context and run with it.

The thing is a particular work context is going to be a slightly different context for the same physical project (i.e. source control) base. So this is what I'lll need:

  • VM open
  • Magit open and running
  • recent pull from source control
  • Org file pop-to-window thing
  • Status of builds immediately visible

3.1.2 19th - I crave vim-style command composability

I have found a package, it looks interesting, but it doesn't do it the way I want it to. It isn't… clean enough.

I still need to learn more about how vim composibility works. Also I need to not get stuck with that as the ultimate.

Oh no. It is a starting point.

3.1.3 11th - Navigation On Top

I'd love to get some kind of top-level automagick navigation. Maybe the #+SETUPFILE along with an HTML_PREAMbLE can do it.

I also wonder if I need a separate directory for the "programming" file set?

3.1.4 8th - Lou The GC 👷

After my earlier GC Experiments, I made Lou the GC. Lou might become it's own elisp file and project. Once I'm sure he works well.

3.1.5 6th - Debugging an Emacs slowdown

Something has gone horribly wrong with my emacs. Every 5 minutes or so I get a spinning beachball of death. It's either:

  • I've upgraded a package and it's behaving badly
  • I've installed a package that is behaving badly
  • Some config changes in the past day or so have caused slowdown.

So to debug this issue, I am taking it slow. Right now I have disabled artbollocks mode (one of the new packages) and gave emacs a restart. The shit thing is that it takes forever to find the cause of the problem.

Okay, it's not artbollocks. Whatever it is, it affects all modes.

Next, it could be company. I hope not. I 💟 Company mode.

Also, Helm needed an upgrade, so i did that at the same time as deactivating Company mode. Sure, not the greatest in troubleshooting!

One of the things I can do is finally get around to writing the "In case of emergency, break glass" function that sends SIGUSR2 to emacs.

kill -SIGUSR2 $( ps aux | grep Emacs | awk '{print $2}')

Ironically, it seems as if the upgrade to helm may have fixed my problem.

Now to re-enable company.

Looks like company is the cause of slowdown. I'll keep it off for now. There is a good chance that it is the company-help plugin. So next up I'll turn that on, and turn off the help.

Or.. or maybe it is the backup files. Need to turn that off next. No effect. Next?

Lots of messages like Invalid face attribute :foreground <num>, searching for packages that change forground based on a number:

  • color-identifiers
  • fill-column-indicator
  • helm
  • org
  • pos-tip
  • rainbow-delimiters

Next up: Helm. I'll make the rest of the kit manage without it. Turns out removing helm is hard.

Removed helm, rainbow-delimiters.

Maybe keyfreq? Maybe my save and push? Disabling both

Postip is next. Also Achievements Mode. It shouldn't be enabled, but best to remove the possibilities.


No more Invalid face... errors, but still a beachball. I'm lost.

Time to roll back configs until the problem is gone.

GC-CONS-THRESHOLD. It seems to be gc-cons-threshold.

See: Also:

3.1.6 5th - Configs and a new mode

Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

I forgot just how rewarding it is to go through other Emagicians configs, and steal their stuff, art their configurations. There are scores of great Emacs people who really know their editor.

As an aside, I started work on a new parens-underlining package. I don't know if I like it yet.


Purpose - 50K
Success Looks Like - 40K
(no term)
Brainstorming - 30K
(no term)
Organize the brainstorming and come up with next actions (20K)

3.2.1 TODO

Author: Jonathan Arkell

Created: 2018-05-18 Fri 10:30