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Table of Contents

1 Bassline / Baseline

A baseline set of functions that are helpers for the rest of the Emagician Starter Kit.

  • Basic helpers in case there is a problem loading
  • Extend emacs lisp evaluation environment
  • emagick-🐰 functions to further extend emacs lisp
  • Emagician helpers to make configuration much easier.

2 Basic helpers

Just enough to make editing in a broken environment not a pain,

(require 'ffap)  ; Will be superceeded, but important when stuff gets broke.

3 Emacs Lisp Evaluation Environment

There are helpers funcitons and variables that just make working with Emacs Lisp that much nicer.

3.1 Garbage Collection

50 Megs, or 10 percent of the heap. Seems legit. It's original value is 800000. Which seems like a lot, but its' really only 800 K.


Resulting in this abomination:

(setq gc-cons-threshold (* 500 1024 1024))

There was even a little voice in my head that said "Maybe Jonnay, maybe you shouldn't fuck with the garbage collector?"

Which gave me these lessons:

  • Listen to that little voice, and
  • don't fuck around with garbage collection unless you know what you're doing and what you're setting.

One thing you can do is to set Garbage Collection to a high value during startup or execution of commands, and then set it back down to a reasonable value afterwards. That doesn't change the timing of garbage collection only forstalls it for one big stoppa-tha-world.

Another option is to handle the setting of the GC value after a period of idle time. This would be great for startup, but kinda horrible for command execution.

(defvar lou-the-gc-max (* 512 1024 1024)
  "Maximum Size of garbage collector.  Half gig seems reasonable.
This value is basically not sane.")

(defvar lou-the-gc-sane (car (get 'gc-cons-threshold 'standard-value))
  "Sane GC Value, straight from The Yaks Mouth.")

(defvar lou-is-chatty t
  "Whether or not Lou is chatty about debug messages")

(defun lou-the-gc-go-crazy ()
  "Tell Lou the garbage collector to use maximum garbage size"
  (when lou-is-chatty
    (with-current-buffer (messages-buffer)
      (let ((inhibit-read-only t))
        (goto-char (point-max))
        (insert "\nLou is going crazy!"))))
  (setq gc-cons-threshold lou-the-gc-max))

(defun lou-the-gc-be-sane ()
  "Tell Lou to stop acting crazy and use a sane garbage collection ammount"
  (when lou-is-chatty
    (with-current-buffer (messages-buffer)
      (let ((inhibit-read-only t))
        (goto-char (point-max))
        (insert "\nLou is sane again."))))

  (setq gc-cons-threshold lou-the-gc-sane))

(unless after-init-time
  (add-hook 'emacs-startup-hook #'lou-the-gc-be-sane t))

(add-hook 'minibuffer-setup-hook #'lou-the-gc-go-crazy)
(add-hook 'minibuffer-exit-hook #'lou-the-gc-be-sane)

3.2 Prefer new files

(setq load-prefer-newer t)

3.3 Lexical Evaluation

(defmacro lexically (&rest forms)
  "Lexically execute forms"
  `(eval '(progn ,@forms) t))
(ert-deftest lexially () 
  (should (equal (macroexpand '(lexically t t t)) '(eval (quote (progn t t t)) t)))) 

3.4 Common Lisp

Sometimes the depricated CL environment is still required. One day this can go away. That day isn't today.

(require 'cl)

3.5 Evaluation and Printing

(setq eval-expression-print-length 9000
      print-length 90000
      eval-expression-print-level 20
      print-level 900)

3.6 Anaphoric Goodness

(use-package anaphora)

3.7 Asyc

Run commands asyncronously.

(use-package async)

3.8 Testing

ERT for testing. Of course.

El-mock is too damn rubylike.

Fakir is cool ass, but I don't need it. yet. Also, a great name

(use-package noflet)

3.9 Memory Usage

(use-package memory-usage)

4 emagick-🐰 Extensions to Emacs Lisp

4.1 Test suite

(defun emagician/meta/run-all-emagick-tests ()
  "Run all tests for emagick-🐰" 
  (ert-run-tests-interactively "emagick"))

4.2 alist-set: Change element in list

(defun emagick-🐰/alist-set (key value alist &optional use-proper-list)
  "Sets or adds KEY with VALUE on ALIST, and return the list.
If USE-PROPER-LIST is true then instead of a (dotted . list) a
(proper list) is constructed insted."
  (let ((list-frag (funcall (if use-proper-list #'list #'cons)
    (if (not (null alist))
        (cons list-frag
              (assq-delete-all key alist))
      (list list-frag))))

(ert-deftest emagick-🐰/alist-set-on-empty-list ()
  (should (equal (emagick-🐰/alist-set 'foo 'bar '())
                 '((foo . bar))))
  (should (equal (emagick-🐰/alist-set 'foo 'bar '() t)
                 '((foo bar)))))

(ert-deftest emagick-🐰/alist-set-on-list-with-element ()
  (should (equal (emagick-🐰/alist-set 'baz 'blarg '((foo . bar)))
                 '((baz . blarg)(foo . bar))))
  (should (equal (emagick-🐰/alist-set 'baz 'blarg '((foo bar)) t)
                 '((baz blarg)(foo bar)))))

(ert-deftest emagick-🐰/alist-set-on-list-without-element ()
  (should (equal (emagick-🐰/alist-set 'foo 'bar '((foo . baz)))
                 '((foo . bar))))
  (should (equal (emagick-🐰/alist-set 'foo 'bar '((foo baz)) t)
                 '((foo bar)))))

5 Emagician Helpers

5.1 Hook Helpers

5.1.1 Minor In Major

Kinda one of those things that I am surprised is not a thing.

(defmacro emagician/minor-in-major-mode (minor-mode major-mode-hook)
  (let ((turn-on-symbol (intern (concat "turn-on-" (symbol-name minor-mode)))))
     `(defun ,turn-on-symbol ()
        "Automagickally generated by emagicians starter kit."
        (,minor-mode +1))
     `(add-hook (quote ,major-mode-hook) (quote ,turn-on-symbol)))))

(ert-deftest emagician/test-minor-in-major-mode ()
  "emagician-minor-in-major macro test"
  (should (equal (macroexpand '(emagician/minor-in-major-mode paredit-mode elisp-mode-hook))
                    (defun turn-on-paredit-mode ()
                      "Automagickally generated by emagicians starter kit."
                      (paredit-mode +1))
                    (add-hook 'elisp-mode-hook 'turn-on-paredit-mode))))
  (let ((mode-hook '())
        (executed 0))
    (flet ((emagician-minor-test (arg) (setq executed (1+ executed))))
      (emagician/minor-in-major-mode emagician-minor-test mode-hook)
      (emagician/minor-in-major-mode emagician-minor-test mode-hook)
      (run-hooks 'mode-hook)
      (should (= 1 executed))
      (should (fboundp 'turn-on-emagician-minor-test))
      (fmakunbound 'turn-on-emagician-minor-test))))

(ert-deftest emagician/defhook-does-not-add-when-existant ()
  (let ((hook '())
        (executed 0))
    (emagician/defhook test-hook hook
      (setq executed (1+ executed)))
    (emagician/defhook test-hook hook
      (setq executed (1+ executed)))
    (run-hooks 'hook)
    (should (= 1 executed))
    (fmakunbound 'test-hook)))

5.1.2 Def hook

(defmacro emagician/defhook (name hook &rest b)
  (declare (indent 2))
  (let* ((docp (stringp (car b)))
         (body (if docp (cdr b) b)))
       (defun ,name () 
         ,(concat (if docp (car b) "Not Documented\n") "\nEmagically defined with emagician/defhook.")
       (when (or (not (boundp (quote ,hook)))
                 (not (member (quote ,name) ,hook)))
         (add-hook (quote ,hook) (quote ,name)))))) Unit tests
(ert-deftest emagician/defhook-defines-hook-and-adds-it ()
  "Basic test to make sure it defines the hook function and adds it."
  (let ((hook '())
        (executed nil))
    (emagician/defhook test-hook hook
      (setq executed t))
    (run-hooks 'hook)
    (should (fboundp 'test-hook))
    (should executed)
    (fmakunbound 'test-hook)))

(ert-deftest emagician/defhook-redefines-when-bound ()
  (let ((hook '())
        (executed nil)
        (rebound nil))
    (flet ((test-hook () (setq rebound nil)))
      (emagician/defhook test-hook hook
        (setq executed t)
        (setq rebound t))
      (run-hooks 'hook)
      (should executed)
      (should rebound)
      (fmakunbound 'test-hook))))

(ert-deftest emagician/defhook-does-not-add-when-existant ()
  (let ((hook '())
        (executed 0))
    (emagician/defhook test-hook hook
      (setq executed (1+ executed)))
    (emagician/defhook test-hook hook
      (setq executed (1+ executed)))
    (run-hooks 'hook)
    (should (= 1 executed))
    (fmakunbound 'test-hook)))

5.2 Backtrace Magick

HOLY SHIT. This worked better than I expected.

This function snarfs the backtrace when called and returns it as a list. This is used primarily for initialization testing.

(load-file-name or buffer-file-name)

(defun emagician/snarf-backtrace ()
  "Snarfs the backtrace as a list"
  (let ((num 3)
        (frames (cons (backtrace-frame 3) nil)))
    (while (car frames)
      (when (> num 50) (error "Too many frames %S" (pp frames)))
      (setq num (1+ num))
      (setq frames (cons (backtrace-frame (+ 3 num)) frames)))
    (cdr frames)))

(ert-deftest emagician/snarf-backtrace ()
  (should (equal '(t emagician/snarf-backtrace) (car (last (emagician/snarf-backtrace))))))

5.3 Sanitize File name

A bit of a naive version of this for now.

(defun emagician/sanitize-file-name (str)
  (replace-regexp-in-string "[/~\000]" "-" str))

(ert-deftest emagician/sanitize-file-name ()
  (should (equal "" (emagician/sanitize-file-name "")))
  (should (equal "foo" (emagician/sanitize-file-name "foo")))
  (should (equal "-foo" (emagician/sanitize-file-name "/foo")))
  (should (equal "-foo" (emagician/sanitize-file-name "~foo"))))

5.4 Expect Dir

Make sure a dirs exist.

(defun emagician/expect-dir (dir &optional pathroot) 
  "Ensures that the named directory exists."
  (let ((path (expand-file-name dir
                                (or pathroot emagician/dir))))
    (when (not (file-directory-p path))
      (when (file-exists-p path)
        (error "Cannot Create %s, it already exists and is a file." path))
      (make-directory path nil))

(ert-deftest emagician/expect-dir ()
  (let ((tdir "emagician-expect-dir-scratch-monkey"))   
    (should (not (file-directory-p tdir)))
    (should (file-directory-p (emagician/expect-dir "emagician-expect-dir-dummy-test-dir")))
    (should (file-directory-p (emagician/expect-dir "emagician-expect-dir-dummy-test-dir")))
    (should (progn (delete-directory tdir) (not (file-directory-p tdir))))
    (should-error (emagician/expect-dir "foo/bar/baz/notexisting")))
  (should-error (emagician/expect-dir "")))

(ert-deftest emagician/expect-dir-with-extra-arg ()
  (let* ((dirname "emagician-expect-dir-scratch-monkey")
         (tdir (concat temporary-file-directory dirname)))
    (should (not (file-directory-p tdir)))
    (should (file-directory-p (emagician/expect-dir dirname
    (should (progn (delete-directory tdir)
                   (not (file-directory-p tdir))))))

5.5 Add to Path

  (defun emagician/add-to-path (path &rest front)
    "Adds PATH to the PATH env variable, eshell-path-env as well as exec-path.
If FRONT is non nil, then PATH will be prepended to the env and shell vars.  
The exec-path always will always have it prepended. "
    (let ((shell-path (concat 
                       (if front 
                         (getenv "PATH"))
                       (if front
                           (getenv "PATH")
      (setenv "PATH" shell-path)
      (setq eshell-path-env shell-path)
      (setq exec-path (cons path exec-path))))

5.6 Final Emagician Scratch

When the starter kit is loaded we want to display the scratch buffer with a new and improved scratch buffer giving some statistics, showing inspirational messages, dire warnings, and apocalyptic screeds.

We also show a set of quick elisp commands that can be immediately run by moving the point to the relevant line of elisp, and executing.

This exemplifies everything that is good with Emacs.

If you want to add items, you can do so through the emagician/scratch-links variable.

(defvar emagician/scratch-links `((magit-status ,emagician/dir))
  "A list of elisp that is inserted in the scratch buffer at startup.")

5.6.1 Scratchify

  (defun emagician/scratchify-text (text-or-list)
    "Takes a chunk of text, and at the newline boundary inserts ;;;
If it's a list, then scratchify the list members."
     ((null text-or-list) nil)
     ((and (stringp text-or-list) (equal "" text-or-list))
     ((listp text-or-list)
      (mapconcat 'emagician/scratchify-text text-or-list ""))
     ((stringp text-or-list)
      (mapconcat (lambda (line)
                   (format ";;; %s\n" line))
                 (split-string text-or-list "\n")
(ert-deftest emagician/scratchify-text-props ()
  (should (equal ";;; foo\n" (emagician/scratchify-text (propertize "foo" 'face '(:foreground "red"))))))

(ert-deftest emagician/scratchify-text ()
  (should (equal ";;; foo\n" (emagician/scratchify-text "foo")))
  (should (equal ";;; Topes\n;;; \n" (emagician/scratchify-text "Topes\n"))))

(ert-deftest emagician/scratchify-list ()
  (should (equal ";;; foo\n" (emagician/scratchify-text '("foo"))))
  (should (equal ";;; foo\n;;; bar\n" (emagician/scratchify-text '("foo" "bar")))))

(ert-deftest emagician/scratchify-list-in-list ()
  (should (equal ";;; foo\n;;; bar\n" (emagician/scratchify-text '("foo" ("bar"))))))

(ert-deftest emagician/scratchify-empty ()
  (should (equal ";;;\n" (emagician/scratchify-text ""))))

5.6.2 Reset Scratch

(defun emagician/reset-scratch (str)
  (with-current-buffer "*scratch*"
    (font-lock-mode -1)
    (whitespace-mode -1)
    (insert str)))

5.6.3 Main Scratch Initiation

(defun emagician/initiate-thee-scratch ()
  (flet ((with-bg-fg (str bg fg)
           (propertize str
                       (list :background bg :foreground fg)))
         (with-fg (str fg)
           (propertize str
                       (list :foreground fg))))
    (let* ((banner-color "DarkViolet")
           (info-label "DeepSkyBlue")
           (info-value "cyan" )
           (banner-line (with-fg (make-string 72 ?█) banner-color))
              ,(with-bg-fg "████            🐰-|-+-|- Sekrut Alien Technology -|-+-|-🐰         ███" info-label banner-color)
              "     It is with the Quill of Echinda I scratch upon the beat mesa."
              ,(concat (with-fg "Emacs Version:     " info-label)
                       (with-fg emacs-version info-value))
              ,(concat (with-fg "Emagician Verison: " info-label)
                       (with-fg emagician/version info-value))))
              ,(if before-init-time
                   (concat (with-fg "🕚 Startup Time:   " info-label)
                           (with-fg (format "%.2f" (- (float-time)
                                                      (float-time before-init-time)))
                 (propertize "⁇ before-init-time is null!" :face 'error-face))
              ,(mapcar (lambda (s) (format "  %65s %.2f" (car s) (cdr s)))
              ,(emagician/cookie-from-file "assets/collected-works-ov-chaos.lines")))
              ,(emagician/cookie-from-file "assets/minor-lamp-invocation.lines")))
            (mapconcat (lambda (link )
                         (format "%S\n" link))
       (concat (emagician/scratchify-text
                (list header
               (emagician/scratchify-text banner-line))))))

Author: Jonathan Arkell

Created: 2018-05-18 Fri 10:31